Bob Narley is a rock radio personality/comedian/actor who specializes in the creation of original comedy radio bits and parody songs for national broadcast and distribution. His material has been featured on syndicated morning shows and major market radio stations all over the country and abroad, as well as, Podcast via mp3. This website contains one of the largest FREE collections of mp3 downloadable comedy radio and parody mp3 material on the Internet, and is visited by thousands of people from all over the globe each and every day. On this site we have tried to post information and news relating to Bob Narley's work, as well as a vast library of his more popular comedy material in stereo mp3 format.

Uncensored Comedy Audio in High Quality Stereo MP3

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This websites contains one of the largest collections of downloadable Comedy MP3's on the Internet and is visited by thousands of people from all over the globe every day.

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Butterball by Bob Narley

3:07 minutes (5.73 MB)

"Butterball" Parody Song in the style of Oasis "Wonderwall"
Thanksgiving comedy song.

This the final version of Bob Narley’s Thanksgiving/Christmas Comedy MP3, Butterball. Butterball is a very popular brand of turkey here in the United States, and is often used instead of the work turkey. i.e. "We are having Butterball tonight."

The original concept came from drummer Gary. It only took 10 years for Bob to finally write the rest of the words and record the music. All of the instruments are played by Bob Narley except the drums, which are courtesy of Beta Monkey Music.

Behind Red Eyes by Bob Narley

3:23 minutes (7.76 MB)

"Behind Red Eyes" by Bob Narley
Parody Song / Comedy Song in the style of The Who's - Behind Blue Eyes.

Recorded by Bob Narley at his home production facility, this song is more of a parody of the Fred Durst version than that of The Who.

The Union Guys - Episode 317 - Workers Comp

This comedy / parody video is the first video version of the popular comedy bit The Union Guys, as heard in The Bob Narley Show Podcast. It features Bob Narley as Emmett Flynn and Christopher Paul as Ted Rabinski.

Michael Jackson Comedy Song - Slumber Action Jackson

5.18 MB

Slumber Action Jackson by Bob Narley & Puck

OK, this is so wrong and we know it.
Considering Michaels death on June 25, 2009, this song is definitely in poor taste.
Which is exactly why we love it.

What you are hearing is actual live improvisational recording performed by Bob Narley and Puck, also known as The Mighty V.

Written shortly after Michael’s arrest for child abuse, this song sounds like a bunch of drunken rednecks singing a commercial for some sick toy.

Like most Might V songs, the title was given over the air by a listener from Bob’s radio show on WRQC.

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